The Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Harvard serves as the centre of all AI-related research occurring at Harvard through a series of colloquiums, forums and presentations. Leading members of Harvard's Faculty, in conjunction with researchers, graduate students and undergraduates meet weekly, and through various activities, seek to stimulate and promote AI research at Harvard. A brief summary of the type and areas of research focused upon by members of AIRG is provided below.

Areas of Research:

Natural Language Processing

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Statistical Language Processing
  • Discourse

Human-Computer Interface

  • Automated Graphic Design
  • Collaborative Interfaces

Reasoning under Uncertainty

  • Probabilistic Reasoning for Complex Systems
  • Learning Rich Probabilistic Models
  • Effective Algorithms for Game-Theoretic Problems

Multiagent Systems

  • Bio-inspired multiagent systems and models in biology
  • Collective Robotics
  • Computational mechanism design
  • Automated negotiation
  • Electronic auctions
  • Collaborative problem solving