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The Harvard EconCS group is pursuing research, both theoretical and experimental, at the intersection between computer science and economics. We draw on methodologies from AI, multi-agent systems, computer science theory, microeconomic theory, optimization and distributed systems. We are interested in electronic auctions, mechanisms and markets, peer production and social computing, and in the constructive use of economic methodologies within computational systems. A central challenge is to resolve conflicts between game-theoretic and computational constraints. Current topics of interest include: incentive-based environment design; dynamic mechanisms; the design of mechanism infrastructures and currencies for distributed and peer-to-peer systems; preference elicitation; information aggregation; applications to e-commerce and social computing; cryptographically secure auctions; and network formation games.



Professor Yiling Chen
    Professor David C. Parkes
Current Ph.D. Students
    Alice Gao   (Advisor: Yiling Chen
    Shaili Jain   (Advisor: David Parkes) 
    John Lai   (Advisor: David Parkes)
    Benjamin Lubin   (Advisor: David Parkes)
    Andrew Mao   (Advisor: Yiling Chen
    Chaki Ng   (Advisors: David Parkes and Margo Seltzer)
    Malvika Rao   (Advisor: David Parkes)
    Michael Ruberry   (Advisor: Yiling Chen)
    Sven Seuken   (Advisor: David Parkes)
    Haoqi Zhang   (Advisor: David Parkes) 
    James Zou   (Advisor: David Parkes)

Current Postdocs
    Florin Constantin
    Ian Kash
    Ariel Procaccia (Fall '09)
    Jennifer Wortman Vaughan

Current Undergraduate Students
   Dylan Lake
   Jerry Kung
   Eric Huang

Former Ph.D. Students
Ruggiero Cavallo     (Ph.D. June'08; Advisor: David Parkes; Post doc, Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylavnia)
    David Chen     (Ph.D. STM, June '09; Advisors: David Parkes and Peter Coles)
    Florin Constantin (Ph.D. June'09, Advisor: David Parkes; Post doc, Harvard University)
    Jacomo Corbo     (Ph.D. June'08; Advisor: David Parkes; Post doc, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
    Adam Juda     (Ph.D. ITM, June'07; Advisors: David Parkes and Pai-Ling Yin; Google, New York)
    Laura Kang     (Ph.D. November'08, Advisor: David Parkes; World Evolved Services)
    Sébastien Lahaie     (Ph.D., Nov'07; Advisor: David Parkes; Yahoo! Research, New York)
    Jolie Martin     (Ph.D. ITM, June'08; Advisors: David Parkes and Michael Norton; Postdoctoral Researcher in the Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon's Department of Social and Decision Sciences)
    Katy Milkman     (Ph.D. June '08; Advisor: Max Bazerman (primary) and David Parkes (secondary) Assistant Prof., OPIM dept., The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
    Jeffrey Shneidman         (Ph.D. Computer Science, Nov'08; Advisors: David Parkes and Margo Seltzer; Boston University Law)
    Christopher Thorpe     (Ph.D. Computer Science, April'08; Advisors: David Parkes and Michael Rabin; Babel Research, CEO)
    Jason Woodard     (Ph.D. ITM, 2006; Advisors: Carliss Baldwin and David Parkes; Assistant Prof., Singapore Management University)

    Sujit Gujar, Ph.D. student at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (Summer 2009)
   Genie (Qianya) Lin, M.Phil. student at City University of Hong Kong (Spring 2009)
Johan Pouwelse, Prof. at Delft Inst. of Technology (Summer 2007, 2008)
    Takayuki Ito, Prof. at Nagoya Inst. of Technology (2005)
    Jonathan Bredin, Prof. at Colorado College (Fall 2004)
    Rajdeep Dash, PostDoc at University of Southampton (Fall 2004)
    Loan Le, Ph.D. student at GMU (Spring 2004)
    Debasis Mishra, Prof. at ISI in New Dehli (Summer 2003)

Trading Agent Competition
2005 Team: Ariel Kleiner, Evan Sprecher
    2004 Team: Hassan Sultan, Lukasz Strozek, Qicheng Ma, and David Hammer.
    2003 Team: Rui Dong, Wilfred Yeung, and Terry Tai.

Former Undergraduate Students
    Aaron Bernstein (A.B. candidate, MIT)
    Andrew Bosworth (A.B. 2004, Facebook) [Master's Thesis]
    Ryan Davies (A.B. 2005, McKinsey & Co.) [Master's Thesis]
    Brad Diephuis (A.B., expected 2009)
    Rui Dong (A.B. 2005, D.E. Shaw & Co.) [Master's Thesis]
    Quang Duong (A.B. 2007, now Ph.D. student at U.Michigan)
    Nick Elprin (A.B. 2005)
Kyna Fong (A.B. 2003, now Ph.D. student at Stanford) [Master's Thesis]
    R. Kang-Xing Jin (A.B. 2006, Facebook) [Master's Thesis]
    Ariel Kleiner (A.B. 2006, now Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
    David Krych (A.B. 2003) [Master's Thesis]
    DJ Lee (A.B. 2006, Google)
    Qicheng Ma (A.B. 2006, Google) [Master's Thesis]
    Sean MacLeod (A.B. 2003, Metacapital Management)
    Ed Naim (A.B. 2004, Boston Consulting Group) [Master's Thesis]
    Abe Othman (A.B. 2007, now Ph.D. student at CMU) [Master's Thesis]
    Ivo Parashkekov (A.B. 2007, Boston Consulting Group) [Master's Thesis]
    Aaron Roth (A.B. 2006 (Columbia), now Ph.D. student, CMU)
    Aditya Sanghvi (A.B. 2006, McKinsey & Co.)
    Saurabh Sanghvi (A.B. 2004, Goldman Sachs)
    Grant Schoenebeck (A.B. 2004, now Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
    Erik Schultink (A.B. 2007)
    Jimmy Sun (A.B. 2007) [Master's Thesis]
    Hassan Sultan (A.B. 2005, Bridgewater)
    Aditya Sunderam (A.B. 2006, now Ph.D. student at Harvard)
    Jie Tang (A.B. 2008, now Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
    Dimah Yankovsky (A.B. 2005)
    Mark Yetter (A.B. 2007, Microsoft/Massive Inc)
    Haoqi Zhang (A.B. 2007, now Ph.D. student at Harvard) [Master's Thesis]


Classes in SEAS at Harvard

CS 285: Multi-Agent Systems (Spring'09)
AM 121: Introduction to Optimization: Models and Methods (Spring'09)
CS 181: Intelligent Machines: Perception, Learning, and Uncertainty (Spring'09)

CS 182: Intelligent Machines: Reasoning, Actions, and Plans (Next offered, Fall'09)

CS 286r: Topics at the Interface between Computer Science and Economics (Next offered, Spring '10- Social Computing)

Current Conferences

Eighth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS'09)
Tenth ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'09)
Twenty-first International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'09)

Past Workshops Organized by EconCS

Trading Agent Design and Analysis Workshop (July 2004)
Second Workshop on the Economics of Peer-to-Peer Systems (June 2004)
Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar on Revealed and Latent Preferences: Economic and Computational Approaches (May, 2004)
Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar on Dynamic Networks: Behavior, Optimization and Design (October, 2006)


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