The 6th Workshop on
Hot Topics in Operating Systems

The Wequassett Inn
5-6 May 1997
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

and the IEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems (TCOS)

The 6th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems was held on 5-6 May in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Thanks to all who participated for making this event a success. Watch this site for the report from the HotOS Scribes and other post-workshop information.

The Sixth Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems will bring together people who write applications and have ideas about what an operating system should provide, people who build operating systems for a living and care how they are put together, and researchers in operating systems who think they know how to solve both kinds of problems. The purpose of HotOS-VI is to explore the goals, costs, and compromises of operating system design and implementation, and to encourage discussion of novel, controversial, or apparently obsolete ideas in the field. The workshop is designed to encourage full participation of each attendee; both presenters and participants will be active contributors throughout the workshop.

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  • Click here or here for more information on Cape Cod.
  • The Call for Papers. The deadline for paper submissions was 15 January 1997.

  • HotOS-VI Conference Committee:

    General Chair: Brad Chen, Harvard University
    Program Chair: Jeffrey Mogul, Digital Equipment Corporation Western Research Laboratory
    Publicity Chair: Puneet Kumar, Digital Equipment Corporation Systems Research Center
    Finance Chair: Joseph Boykin, CLARiiON Advanced Storage Solutions

    Program Committee:

    Steering Committee:

    HotOS-VI would like to acknowledge the support of AT&T, CLARiiON, Digital Equipment Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems.

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