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  * Getting answers. Start with our extensive documentation. If you're still confused, send email to

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  * System requirements. The infrastructure runs on a reasonable number of common platforms. See the ReleaseNotes file in each distribution for complete details.

  * NCI. Home page for the NCI project at PGI.

  * SUIF. Home page for the Stanford University SUIF project.

  * OSUIF. Home page for the UCSB OSUIF project.

  * Zephyr. Home page for the Zephyr project.

Much of our work centers around this research infrastructure for profile-driven and machine-specific optimizations. We distribute two versions of this software: Version is part of the DARPA- and NSF-funded National Compiler Infrastructure (NCI) project. Version 1.3.0 is a superseded version that is compatible with Stanford SUIF 1.3.0.x. All of this software and its source code is freely available for non-commercial use. Please see the copyright notice for more information.


* Release of July 15, 2002 [2.0 MB]. The latest distribution of source code and documentation. This release adds support for the Itanium processor (IA64) under Linux. It also introduces a more intuitive register-description interface that better accommodates irregular register architectures.

* On-line Documentation: Overview (PDF), OPI User's Guide (PDF), OPI Extender's Guide (PDF), Cookbook (PDF), Machine Library (PDF), SUIFvm Library (PDF), Control Flow Graph Library (PDF), Control Flow Analysis Library (PDF), Data Flow Analysis Library (PDF), Instrumentation Library (PDF), Static Single Assignment Library (PDF).

* Latest presentation [PPS, 126KB]. Our Machine-SUIF presentation given during the NCI Tutorial at PLDI in June, 2000.


* WhatsNew and ReleaseNotes. A shortcut to these files so that you can determine if you want to download this distribution.

* machsuif-1.3.0, 1/31/2000 [1.0 MB]. A full distribution of source code and documentation. This version is not being developed.

* On-line Documentation: Overview, Machine Library, CFG Library, DFA Library.

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