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The goal of the SOS project is to build storage systems that tune themselves to their workload. Our current focus is on general-purpose network storage servers, because there has already been considerable work in self-tuning storage systems for personal workstations and PCs.

SOS is one of the projects in the Systems Research at Harvard (SyRaH) group.

Project Status

The first phase of the project was to gather and analyze contemporary NFS traces, in order to learn about the kinds of workloads that we might expect to see on modern systems. We have gathered long-term traces from three production environments: a CS research workload, an email workload, and a general engineering/email workload. All of these traces are available, in anonymized form, to any interested researchers. We are also gathering whatever traces we can find, for our own analysis and also to provide a public repository for research data.

Visit our trace page for more information.

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