Installing the kicker

Pushing objects around requires some form of scooper or kicker.

In many cases a passive device will suffice. If an active device is needed it should somehow be possible to control this actuator via the e-puck processor.

This easiest way to achieve this, without having to take the e-puck apart, is by connecting to the already implemented and active I2C bus. In that way the same bus communicating with the camera can be used to activate the kicker. The illustrations below show where to place the wires to connect to the onboard I2C bus.

The innermost solder pad is connected to the battery via the on/off switch when the e-puck is turned on. Pad voltage: ~4V (High current)

Below the reset button an 8 pin IC is located which uses the I2C bus. This can be seen in the picture below.

8 pin IC that uses the I2C bus. The I2C line going to the kicker driver board can piggy back on these pins.

Piggy back on these pins

IC pin locations (Top view)

A0 -1 8-VCC (3V - low current)

A1-2 7-WP

A2-3 6-SCL


Design by Christian Ahler

CS266 - E-pucks

Beta version