Workshop on Trading Agent Design and Analysis

Colocated with the Trading Agent Competition at AAMAS'04

July 20, 2004, Columbia University, New York, NY



Trading agents have become a prominent application area in Artificial Intelligence in large part because of their obvious potential benefits in electronic commerce. A wide variety of trading scenarios and agent approaches have been studied, creating a broad and rich research area. This workshop will focus on the design and evaluation of trading agents. Papers on trading agent architectures, decision-making algorithms, theoretical analysis, empirical evaluations of agent strategies in negotiation scenarios, and game-theoretic analysis, are all within the scope of the workshop.

Workshop Format

This workshop will be held in conjunction with the 2004 Trading Agent Competition (TAC-04) to be held during AAMAS'04, but paper submissions need not be directly related to TAC. In fact, we encourage submissions related to other trading scenarios. For more information about TAC-04, see http://www.sics.se/tac/.

Accepted Papers

Submission Instructions

Papers should be about 8 single-column pages. Manuscripts are expected to be in English, in either postscript or PDF format. Submissions should be sent by e-mail to tada04@eecs.harvard.edu Alternatively, please submit at most 6 double-column pages, formatted according to the AAMAS style (or your favorite style!). Note: Participants are expected to register for the main AAMAS'04 conference in addition to the workshop.

Important Dates and Deadlines

* Extended SUBMISSION DEADLINE: April 8, 2004
* Deadline for the submission of full papers: April 1, 2004
* Notification of acceptance/rejection: May 1, 2004
* Deadline for the receipt of camera-ready papers: May 21, 2004
* Workshop: July 20, 2004.

Program Chair

David C. Parkes (Chair), Harvard University

Program Committee

Robert Axtell, Brookings Institute
Craig Boutilier, University of Toronto
Andrew Byde, HP Labs, UK
Dave Cliff, HP Labs, UK
Rajarshi Das, IBM Research
Maria Fasli, Essex University
Amy Greenwald, Brown University
Sverker Janson, Swedish Inst. of Computer Science
Panos Markopoulos, University of Pennsylvania
Sun Park, Rutgers University
Han La Poutré, CWI, the Netherlands
Daniel Reeves, University of Michigan
Michael Rothkopf, Rutgers University
Peter Stone, University of Texas at Austin
Gerry Tesauro, IBM Research
Peter Wurman, North Carolina State University