Color Checker Dataset
An Image Database for Computational Color Constancy Research



This is a dataset of natural scenes with embedded color checker charts that modifies and expands the dataset released by Peter Gehler. In this new dataset, the images have been converted from RAW camera data to sRGB gamma corrected PNG files without using the auto white balance setting of the camera, and the dataset has grown to include about sixty new images of indoor scenes without daylight illumination.

Please cite the reference below, and the Gehler et al. paper if you publish results based on this database.

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[1]  A. Chakrabarti, K. Hirakawa, and T. Zickler, "Computational Color Constancy with Spatial Correlations", Tech. Rep. TR-09-10, Harvard Sch. of Engg. & App. Sc., 2010. [BibTeX Entry]