CS 161: Operating Systems (Spring 2017)

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00pm-2:30pm

Pierce 301

James Mickens

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Professor Teaching Fellows
James Mickens Richard Cho: rcho@college.harvard.edu
Maxwell Dworkin 335 Office Hours: Tuesday, 8:30pm--10:30pm@Quincy dining hall
mickens@g.harvard.edu Victor Domene: victordomene@college.harvard.edu
http://mickens.seas.harvard.edu Office Hours: Sunday, 3pm--5pm@Maxwell Dworkin, second floor lounge
(617) 384-8132 David Holland: dholland@sauclovia.org
Office Hours: Tuesday, 2:30pm--4pm@Maxwell Dworkin 335 Office Hours: Wednesday, 5pm--7pm@CS night (MD 221)
Peter Kraft: pkraft@college.harvard.edu
Office Hours: Monday, 8pm-10pm@Pfoho dining hall
Alex Patel: alexanderpatel@college.harvard.edu
Office Hours: Wednesday, 8pm--10pm@Adams dining hall


There will be two sections: You may attend whichever section you want. You may attend both sections, but they will typically contain the same information.



Computer Science 61 or permission of instructor.


Doeppner: Operating Systems In Depth (required)


This course is an introduction to operating systems. After completing this course, you should be able to:

Before each class, you will typically be asked to read background material, and/or watch video clips that provide information on a relevant topic. Throughout the course, we will also ask you to complete short surveys; these surveys allow us to improve our teaching approaches, and ensure that students are getting the most from the course!

Course Requirements Course Policies
Class participation (10%) This includes pre-class work, speaking in class, and participation on Piazza.
Four homework assignments (50%) No late days for Assignment 1; Assignments 2-4 completed in teams of 2, with 5 total late days for Assignments 2-4.
Midterm (15%) Submitted online (but taken in-class).
Final take-home exam (25%) Submitted online; must be completed within 24 hours of initial access.

Collaboration Policy

There are three types of work associated with this course and each has its own specific policy for collaboration. We encourage students to talk to each other about the course. In particular, you can always discuss technical details about software used in the course. You can share design information, help each other debug, brainstorm ideas, talk about CS161 over dinner, shout out breakthroughs in your sleep, etc. Academic integrity requires that when you submit work, you make it clear who contributed to the work and from where ideas came.