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I am a fifth year Ph.D Candidate in the Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, advised by Barbara J. Grosz. My research focuses on the interaction between collaborative group of people and computer agents, investigating the factors that influence people’s perception of interruptions, and based on this understanding, designing multi-agent decision making models that can better manage interruptions. I currently focus on generalizing these decision-theoretic models to manage helpful behavior in collaborative activities of people and computer agents in a principled and general way.


I am the recipient of Microsoft Research Fellowship (2008) and Robert L. Wallace Prize Fellowship (2007). In Summer 2007 and Fall 2008, I worked at Microsoft Research as a research intern under the mentorship of Eric Horvitz


My research was profiled recently in Microsoft External Research "Talent Pipeline" brochure and video. (pdf) (link to website)


I did my undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences of Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.


My CV is available here.




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Ece Kamar and Eric Horvitz. Collaboration and Shared Plans in the Open World: Studies of Ridesharing, IJCAI 2009, Technical Paper


Ece Kamar and Eric Horvitz. Generating Shared Transportation Plans Under Varying Preferences: Ridesharing Models and Mechanisms, Microsoft Research Technical report, MSR-TR-2009-2011, April 2009.


Ece Kamar. Managing Helpful Behavior in Collaborative Activities of Heterogeneous Agent Groups, IJCAI 2009, Doctoral Consortium Abstract


Ece Kamar, Ya’akov Gal and Barbara J. Grosz. Incorporating Helpful Behavior into Collaborative Planning. In Proceedings of AAMAS 2009.  


Ece Kamar, Eric Horvitz and Chris Meek. Mobile Opportunistic Commerce: Mechanisms, Architecture, and Application. In Proceedings of AAMAS 2008. 


Ece Kamar, Barbara J. Grosz and David Sarne. Modeling User Perception of Interaction Opportunities in Collaborative Human-Computer Settings. In Proceedings of AAAI 2007, Student Abstract and Poster Program


Ece Kamar and Barbara J. Grosz. Applying MDP Approaches For Estimating Outcome of

Interaction in Collaborative Human-Computer Settings. In Proceedings of Workshop on Multi-agent Sequential Decision Making in Uncertain Domains (MSDM) 2007.


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