By Scott Ardley

(Sing to me, oh Seuss, a song of persistence;
Of Keith's persistence, during the seige of Jackie.)

I--you, me, maybe, go on date?

Although you can't articulate,
Keith I think you're really great.
But NO I won't go on a date.

Could you if we ride a cow?
They're really all the rage right now!

Manhattan farmboy, you're divine
but NO I won't ride a bovine
With you--Although I think you're great,
I DON'T want to go on a date!

I have a friend on Harvard Square--
He owns the llama restaurant there.
Would you, could you like a date
With llama souffle on your plate?

I prefer Lux with my Veritas,
I DON'T like hairy llama sauce!
You keep mentioning quadrupeds:
Go lie on your four-poster bed
And beg THOSE legs for company.
You'll have better luck with them, than me!

With some food, or with a book?
I know a lovely cook-book nook!

I would not date you with a bagel
I wouldn't date you reading Hegel
If dating me's your sine qua non,
You'll not be having too much fun
Although I like you (very) much,
I'd rather die than date (as such.)

You say you won't, but then again
From what I've read of Freud it's when
You say you don't you really DO!
I'm glad you're coming. Sunday at two?

Alright! I'll try it! Just this once!
Who can stand such persistance?
Or that smile? I'll grant you're cute,
(Your buns look great in that grey suit.)
I don't intend to do no kissing!
Well maybe a peck: (smack!)
What have I been missing?

I'll nosh on llama sauce with you!
Who needs a car? This cow will do.
Hop on, Pardner, by my side
To Fire Island tonight we ride!
(And hip-hooray for changing tides!)

October 22, 1995

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