SUPPLE: automatically generating user interfaces

Krzysztof Gajos and Daniel S. Weld



In order to give people ubiquitous access to software applications, device controllers, and Internet services, it will be necessary to automatically adapt user interfaces to the computational devices at hand (e.g., cell phones, PDAs, touch panels, etc.). While previous researchers have proposed solutions to this problem, each has limitations. This paper proposes a novel solution based on treating interface adaptation as an optimization problem. When asked to render an interface on a specific device, our Supple system searches for the rendition that meets the device's constraints and minimizes the estimated effort for the user's expected interface actions. We make several contributions: 1) precisely defining the interface rendition problem, 2) demonstrating how user traces can be used to customize interface rendering to particular user's usage pattern, 3) presenting an efficient interface rendering algorithm, 4) performing experiments that demonstrate the utility of our approach.

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Citation Information

Krzysztof Gajos and Daniel S. Weld. Supple: automatically generating user interfaces. In IUI '04: Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Intelligent user interface, pages 93-100, New York, NY, USA, 2004. ACM Press.