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With a background in EE and Modern Artificial Intelligence, I specialize in designing and constructing prototypes for bio-inspired robots.

I am currently working as an academic fellow with the SSR group, under Prof. Radhika Nagpal, and the WYSS Institute at Harvard University in Boston, MA. In collaboration with Prof. Nagpal and Justin Werfel I am developing robots engaged in collective construction, as well as a tool set to ease the study their natural counter parts (a species of African termites).

Before coming to Harvard I worked with the University of Southern Denmark on the EU-project Cilia, developing demonstrators inspired by the use of lateral lines in certain species of fish.


Prior to this I did a master's in Modern Artificial Intelligence focused on electronics at the Maersk McKinney Moeller Institute, Denmark. My master's project involved the design and construction of ant-inspired robots able to construct 2.5d structures out of intelligent building blocks.

I spent six months with the Nordex project at Svenska Yrkes Hogskolan in Finland, working on renewable energy platforms.

During my education as electro-technical engineer at the University College of Engineering, Odense, Denmark, I did a prolonged internship and a bachelor's project with the Planetary Robotics Group at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, under the direction of Staff Electronics Engineer Michael Garrett.