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TERMES & Collective Construction

The TERMES project started in 2009 when I joined the Self-Organizing System Research Lab with Professor Nagpal at Harvard.


Many species of termites build complex mounds several orders of magnitude larger than themselves. Inspired by these termites and their building activities, our goal was to develop a swarm construction system in which large numbers of autonomous robots build human-scale structures according to desired specifications. TERMES is a first step toward this goal of automated construction by swarms of robots.
Where Werfel focused on the theoretical algorithmic framework, I designed and produced a full robotic implementation of the system, comprising mobile robots and specialized passive bricks. The robots can autonomously manipulate bricks, use them to build structures much larger than themselves, and maneuver on these structures as well as in unstructured environments with relatively rough terrain.


Alongside the TERMES project I am also conducting studies of two African species of Macrotermes. I aim, not only, to understand their behavioral patterns, but also to develop a range of tools to help examine and gather statistical data on their construction process.


Kirstin Petersen


Designing collective behavior in a termite-inspired robot construction team.
Science 343(6172): 754-758 (2014). (link)

3D Tracking of Building Processes in Macrotermes (Pdf)
VAIB workshop, Intl. Conference on Patterns Recognition (ICPR), 2012.

TERMES: An Autonomous Robotic System for Three-Dimensional Collective Construction (Pdf)
Robotics: Science and Systems Conference (RSS), 2011

Distributed Multi-Robot Algorithms for the TERMES 3D Collective Construction System (Pdf)
Workshop, Intl. Conference on Robots and Systems (IROS), Sept 2011.

Movies: http://www.youtube.com/ssrlab0/


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