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Autonomous Construction

In 2006-2008 I pursued a Master of Science in Modern Artificial Intelligence with MMMI and SDU, Odense, Denmark.

My master's project involved development, design, and construction of a robotic system aiming to create 2.5 dimensional structures autonomously. The project was inspired by modern, historical, and cultural designs, and most importantly natural architecture, such as the collective nest construction exhibited by ants. These insects manage to build incredibly complex structures, despite the simplicity of the individuals, and the lack of global colony government.

The system developed was composed of active robots and passive, but intelligent building blocks. Robots were able to drive, climb and handle blocks. The blocks were able to look at their immediate neighbors, use sparse comunication with the robots, and rely on short term memory in order to govern the completion of the structure.
Given my background in electro-technical engineering this project strongly focused on implementing behaviors in basic hardware reflexes, rather than high level software algorithms, and optimizing technology specifically for the task in hand rather than generalizing and thus complicating the system.

My master's thesis can be found here.