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ReGen - 2006, the name of the first team to participate in the Nordplus-Nordex scholarship project, at the Svenska Yrkeshogskolan situated in Vaasa, Finland.
Project work focused on innovative ways of promoting renewable energy in coastal regions and stimulating the general interest in nature science, especially in the energy sector. The team consisted of 11 students/engineers from northern Europe occupied in the fields of mechanical engineering, power electronics, computer engineering, and electro-technical engineering.
I acted as the group leader through the frame defining period of the project and later stepped down to engage in more detailed work of designing and constructing of a small working model of an energy fair.

The Energy Fair was designed to be placed on a fleet that could sail from harbor to harbor in the Nordic countries and facilitate an interactive museum appealing to an audience of all ages.

Fair Turbine
Entrance Cars1
Park Cars2
Slide Fire