Provenance Aware Sensor Data Storage

Margo Seltzer, Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy, David A. Holland, Uri Braun, Jonathan Ledlie


Sensor network data has both historical and real-time value. Making historical sensor data useful, in particular, requires storage, naming, and indexing. Sensor data presents new challenges in these areas. Such data is location-specific but also distributed; it is collected in a particular physical location and may be most useful there, but it has additional value when com- bined with other sensor data collections in a larger distributed sys- tem. Thus, arranging location-sensitive peer-to-peer storage is one challenge. Sensor data sets do not have obvious names, so naming them in a globally useful fashion is another challenge. The last challenge arises from the need to index these sensor data sets to make them searchable. The key to sensor data identity is prove- nance, the full history or lineage of the data. We show how prove- nance addresses the naming and indexing issues and then present a research agenda for constructing distributed, indexed repositories of sensor data.