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Interface EnqueuePredicateIF

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RateLimitingPredicate, MulticlassRateLimitingPredicate, QueueThresholdPredicate

public interface EnqueuePredicateIF

Enqueue predicates allow users to specify a method that will 'screen' elements being enqueued onto a sink, either accepting or rejecting them. This mechanism can be used to implement many interesting load-conditioning policies, for example, simple thresholding, rate control, credit-based flow control, and so forth. Note that the enqueue predicate runs in the context of the caller of enqueue(), which means it must be simple and fast.

Matt Welsh
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Method Summary
 boolean accept(QueueElementIF element)
          Tests the given element for acceptance onto the queue.

Method Detail


public boolean accept(QueueElementIF element)
Tests the given element for acceptance onto the queue.
element - The QueueElementIF to enqueue
True if the sink accepts the element; false otherwise.

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