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Interface QueueIF

All Superinterfaces:
SinkIF, SourceIF
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public interface QueueIF
extends SourceIF, SinkIF

A QueueIF implements a finite-length event queue. In fact QueueIF simply extends SourceIF and SinkIF, which represent the 'source' and 'sink' ends of the queue.

Matt Welsh
See Also:
SourceIF, SinkIF

Methods inherited from interface seda.sandStorm.api.SourceIF
blocking_dequeue_all, blocking_dequeue, blocking_dequeue, dequeue_all, dequeue, dequeue, size
Methods inherited from interface seda.sandStorm.api.SinkIF
enqueue_abort, enqueue_commit, enqueue_lossy, enqueue_many, enqueue_prepare, enqueue, getEnqueuePredicate, setEnqueuePredicate, size

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