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Class SinkCloggedEvent

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public class SinkCloggedEvent
extends java.lang.Object
implements QueueElementIF

This event indicates that a sink was clogged when trying to process the given element. A sink is considered clogged if it is full (that is, its length threshold has been reached), or some other condition is preventing the given element from being serviced.

As opposed to SinkFullException, which is thrown immediately if attempting to enqueue onto a full sink, SinkCloggedEvent is pushed to an application if a sink becomes full asynchronously, or if some other condition caused the sink to become clogged.

Matt Welsh
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Field Summary
 QueueElementIF element
          The element which clogged.
 SinkIF sink
          The sink which clogged.
Constructor Summary
SinkCloggedEvent(SinkIF sink, QueueElementIF element)
          Create a new SinkCloggedEvent with the given sink and element.
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Field Detail


public SinkIF sink
The sink which clogged.


public QueueElementIF element
The element which clogged.
Constructor Detail


public SinkCloggedEvent(SinkIF sink,
                        QueueElementIF element)
Create a new SinkCloggedEvent with the given sink and element.

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