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Class SignalMgr

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class SignalMgr
extends java.lang.Object
implements SignalMgrIF

The SignalMgr is an implementation of SignalMgrIF. It allows stages to register to receive certain signals and delivers those signals once they are triggered.

Matt Welsh
See Also:
SignalMgrIF, SignalIF

Constructor Summary
(package private) SignalMgr()
Method Summary
 void deregister(SignalIF signalType, SinkIF sink)
          Deregister for the given signal type.
 void register(SignalIF signalType, SinkIF sink)
          Register for the given signal type.
 void trigger(SignalIF signal)
          Send the given signal to all registered sinks.
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Constructor Detail


Method Detail


public void register(SignalIF signalType,
                     SinkIF sink)
Register for the given signal type. When the signal is triggered, an object of the given type (although not necessarily the same object instance) will be delivered to the given SinkIF.
Specified by:
register in interface SignalMgrIF


public void deregister(SignalIF signalType,
                       SinkIF sink)
Deregister for the given signal type.
Specified by:
deregister in interface SignalMgrIF


public void trigger(SignalIF signal)
Send the given signal to all registered sinks. Uses enqueue_lossy on each sink, so if a sink rejects the signal this method will continue regardless. Package access only. XXX MDW: Really should register sinks with the chain of superclasses for each signal as well, so that triggering a superclass of a given signal will also reach those sinks registered for the subclass.

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