Travels in Bolivia

Matt Welsh

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Trekking in the Cordillera Real

A view of Laguna Chillata, at 13776 feet (4200 m). We camped here for two nights, and on the second day used this lake as the base camp for the climb to Laguna Glacial, at 16524 feet (5038 m). About halfway to the lake, however, the weather turned very bad (freezing rain and the like), and the altitude had really taken its toll -- I was quite sick and feared slipping on the sheer rockface. We ended up stopping at about 15500 feet and turned back an hour or so later. According to one of the other trekkers who made it to Laguna Glacial, it was impossible to see anything (due to the clouds and rain) anyway.

Photograph Copyright (c)2001 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. All rights reserved.