Travels in Ecuador - June 2005

Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer
June 13, 2005

For my second trip to Ecuador (Amy's first) we tried to combine a bit of vacation with a bit of work -- specifically, preparing for our sensor deployment on Volcán Tungurahua later this summer. With only a week to spare we spent most of our time around Baños, a town up in the mountains at the foot of the volcano. Baños was completely evacuated in October 1999 when the volcano became active, but the big eruption never happened -- though Tungurahua is still erupting regularly. It's still a great base for getting out to the outdoors, and we spent time mountain biking, rafting, climbing the volcano, and exploring the nearby jungle.

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Biking to Rio Verde

Hiking Volcán Tungurahua

Fundación Ecológica Hola Vida

Photograph Copyright (c)2005 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. All rights reserved.
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