Travels in Ethiopia - August-September 2003

Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer
September 15, 2003

Having never been to Africa, Amy and I were drawn to Ethiopia by the rich culture and history of this ancient country. Ethiopia is the only African nation never to have been colonized by Europeans, and its Christian traditions date back thousands of years. Mostly, however, Ethopia attracted us because it seemed so strange.

We were somewhat frustrated in our attempt to cover the major historic sites in the northern highlands by chronic bad weather and equipment failure on the part of Ethiopian Airlines. Over half of the flights on our itinerary were eventually cancelled -- some after spending four hours waiting at the airport to leave! We ended up taking a two-day bus from Lalibela to Addis to make it home on time, not something I'd like to repeat, but a lot more reliable than the airline.

The people in Ethiopia were amazingly friendly everywhere we went, although we often felt like rock stars since so many people would call out to us or follow us around. Foreigners are still such a rarity that people are really curious and paid a lot of attention to us -- although we made a lot of friends along the way!

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Bahar Dar

Blue Nile Falls

Monastaries on Lake Tana


Addis Ababa

Photograph Copyright (c)2003 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. All rights reserved.