Travels in India

Matt Welsh

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From Cochin we flew to Mumbai - formerly known as Bombay - one of the most vibrant, exciting, and wealthy cities in India. Bombay was a huge contrast from anything else we saw in India - a huge city of over 13 million people, with a vast divide between the rich and the poor. From the airport into town we drove past miles and miles of slums, people living in tiny corrugated-iron shacks, kids playing in the streets around broken-down trucks, some of the most crushing poverty I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot). On the other end of the scale is the posh downtown area, the modern buildings (shown here is Victoria Terminus, the big train station), the beautiful lights lining Marine Drive - reminding us a lot of San Francisco.

Photograph Copyright (c)2001 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. All rights reserved.