Travels in India

Matt Welsh

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We took a day trip from Mumbai out to see the Kanheri caves, a group of temples and shelters cut out of the rock by Buddhist monks over a thousand years ago. The sheer number and size of these caves is amazing, and it's incredible to think that Buddhism has all but died out in India since these great monuments were built.

Getting to and from the caves requires a ride on Mumbai's unbelievably crowded commuter rail line - when trains arrive at the station, passengers jump off while the train is still moving, and mob the cars to get on as soon as they stop. It's worse than anything I've seen, even the subway in Tokyo. On the way back to Mumbai, I tried to do as the locals do by getting off the train while it was still moving - but fell and sprained my wrist badly in the process. Thankfully the private hospital in Mumbai was really efficient - took only two hours to get a consultation with two doctors, an X-ray, a bandage and some painkillers!

Photograph Copyright (c)2001 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. All rights reserved.