Travels in India - December 2001

Matt Welsh
December 31, 2001

My interest in India goes back many years. I've always been captivated by the culture and history of this country, including Buddhism, Indian music, and of course the food! Over the last few months I've been pestering all of my Indian friends for ideas and advice on where to go and what to see -- but it's clear that India is too large and fascinating for any short trip to really encompass. Amy and I spent a month traveling across the breadth of India during December 2001 and will definitely be going back.

The most lasting impression is probably the traffic - in the cities, the streets are choked full of people, cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, rickshaws, goats, ox-carts, and of course the impervious cows that often block the way. In large cities like Delhi, the air pollution hangs over the city as a thick, brown cloud, penetrating everything, and is visible even indoors. Everywhere you look there are people, often doing incredible things: the old woman sitting on the side of the road, scant inches from trucks whizzing by, selling a basket of lemons; or the man riding his bicycle through an impossible traffic jam with two monkeys clinging to his back.

Despite what some people (and books) say about India being a difficult place to travel, full of scam artists, myriad digestive disorders, and other perils, we found India to be surprisingly accessible, friendly, and absolutely worth the effort.

Most of these photos were taken on a Canon EOS Rebel 2000, with a 28-80mm zoom lens as well as a 24mm wide-angle, using Fuji and Kodak film with a polarizing filter. Click on any of the pictures below to read a description, or just follow the "next" links from each page for a slideshow. Clicking on any of the images will display a very high-resolution image.

All of these photos are Copyright (c) 2001 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. If you'd like to use any of these pictures for any reason, just contact me at the email address above!



Kerala - Varkala, the Backwaters, and Cochin





Camel Safari in Rajasthan




Photograph Copyright (c)2001 by Matt Welsh and Amy Bauer. All rights reserved.