Visit to IIT Kanpur and Infosys - August 2006

Matt Welsh
September 8, 2006

This summer I had the opportunity to visit the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur as a Distinguished Visiting Researcher. There I was able to work with faculty, meet with students, and give several lectures both as seminars and as guest lectures in classes. My host was Manindra Agrawal and I worked closely with Bhaskar Raman, a former classmate at Berkeley. I visited IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay while in the country as well.

I was also invited to visit Infosys, one of the largest and most dynamic Indian software development companies, at their campuses in Bangalore and Mysore. There I was hosted by NRN Murthy, one of the founders of Infosys, to whom I'm deeply indebted for the wonderful hospitality. Amy joined me in Bangalore and we were able to spend a few days touring Karnataka as well. Getting a glimpse into the tremendous potential of the Indian IT industry and educational system was a fantastic opportunity.

These pictures are mostly for family and friends, but if you're interested to learn more about IIT and Infosys, please contact me at the address below.

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New Delhi



Infosys campus in Mysore

Belur and Halebidu



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