Travels in Nepal

Matt Welsh

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Trekking in Langtang: Langtang Village

An old stone wall and houses in Langtang Village (3480m/11417 ft). The wisps of smoke hovering near the ground are actually clouds - we're that high. Up here altitude sickness can be a real problem for some reason, and can even be fatal if one ascends too quickly. Amy and I limited ourselves to an altitude gain of 500m a day, but not just to prevent altitude sickness. We were both quite sick -- she had bronchitis and I was dealing with a bad case of giardia (but that's another story).

We spent Christmas Eve here in Langtang Village, along with 13 other trekkers all at the same lodge! The poor woman running the place was severely overworked cooking for everyone, and two of the sherpa guides accompanying some of the trekkers were duly employed to help her out.

Photograph Copyright (c)1999-2000 by Matt Welsh. All rights reserved.