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Matt Welsh

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Trekking in Langtang: Thulo Syabru

On New Year's Eve, 1999, we made it back to Thulo Syabru, which is quite a steep walk uphill from the floor of the valley. Most people head down directly to Syabru Bensi, avoiding the hill, but recall we left a lot of things here which we had to pick up. For the last day of the Millennium we had hot showers (solar panels on the roof of the lodge!), got to put on clean clothes, and I finally got to shave! We were fast asleep by 9pm, along with the rest of the village. (Nepal uses a different calendar than we do, so there wasn't anything particularly special to them about 12/31/1999). Still, just having a shower was better than any New Year's Eve party I could have possibly imagined.

Here's Amy sitting in the dining area of the lodge in Thulo Syabru; this is a pretty typical scene. The woman who ran this place was wonderful, and her husband was the local lama -- after making our potato momos for dinner he went upstairs to light butter lamps and do some serious chanting.

Photograph Copyright (c)1999-2000 by Matt Welsh. All rights reserved.