Travels in Nepal

Matt Welsh

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Chitwan National Park

After spending 2 weeks trekking in the mountains, we returned to Kathmandu, and the very next day set off for Chitwan National Park, in the Terai. This is an area of jungles in the southern part of Nepal, and is about as different from the Himalaya as you can get. The done thing here is to stay at a lodge in the park on a 2-night package tour (ugh) where you get to do hikes through the jungle, a canoe trip down the river, and even ride on elephant back in search of one-horned rhinos and Bengal tigers. It was a blast, although a bit too packaged. We stayed at a place called the Chitwan Jungle Lodge, which is usually only visited by people on all-inclusive tours through Nepal, but we booked independently at their office in Kathmandu.

Here we can see a group getting ready to set off on an elephant safari. The "driver" (pahit) sits astride the elephant's neck and steers by gently kicking the elephant behind the ears. Note that these are Asian elephants, which are somewhat smaller than their African cousins.

Photograph Copyright (c)1999-2000 by Matt Welsh. All rights reserved.