Travels in Malaysia and Indonesia

Matt Welsh

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Uncle Tan's Jungle Camp

Here we are hard at work in Borneo!

We spent two nights at Uncle Tan's Jungle Camp, about an hour's boat into the jungle along the Kinabatangan River. This place is very basic -- just a set of simple wooden huts, thin foam mattresses, and mosquito nets. No electricity or running water; a "shower" is accomplished by scooping cold river water over yourself. As with the entire region, the heat and humidity during the day is oppressive, so most people tend to spend the afternoons lounging around in the hammock.

We spent only a few days here but the slow pace and beauty of the natural surroundings is addictive; one Japanese student lived here for several months -- and at 15 ringgit (less than $4) a day, who can resist?

Photograph Copyright (c)2000 by Matt Welsh. All rights reserved.