Travels in Malaysia and Indonesia

Matt Welsh

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Lovina, Bali

Sunset at Lovina Beach, Bali. After several days in Java we decided to make our way back to Bali. This was in part because we wanted to be available to fly back to Kuala Lumpur and then back home should we make it off of Malaysia Airlines' waiting list. Unfortunately this never happened and we ended up having to buy new tickets to get home.

Lovina Beach was a relaxing place to spend a couple of nights and was free of the hassles of Sanur. One morning we hired a boat to take us about a half-mile offshore to go snorkelling on the reefs. The next day we went scuba diving at the USS Liberty wreck near Tulamben, about an hour and a half drive away. Unfortunately we don't have pictures from either of these day trips.

Photograph Copyright (c)2000 by Matt Welsh. All rights reserved.