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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences,

Harvard University

DVFS Related Papers

  1. The Thrifty Barrier: Energy-Aware Synchronization in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
    : Talks about estimating stall time of threads waiting at barrier, and based on the predicted stall time, putting the thread into a sleep state.
  2. Managing Energy-Performance Tradeoffs for Multithreaded Applications on Multiprocessor Architectures
    : Provides three different algorithms for slowdown estimation of multithreaded applications in a memory-energy management scheme. Slowdown aggregation schemes (sum, max,avg) are also provided and a combination of the two is studied to see the best combination.
  3. Long-term workload phases: duration predictions and applications to DVFS, IEEE Micro05
    : This paper presents value-prediction and duration-prediction techniques to identify long-term phases in applications.
Optimization Related Papers
  1. The performance of runtime data cache prefetching in a dynamic optimization system"
  2. Ispike: A Post-link Optimizer for the Intel Itanium Architecture"
Inductive Noise Related Papers
  1. Pipeline Muffling and A Priori Current Ramping:microarchitecture techniques to reduce high-frequency inductive noise
  2. Pipeline Damping: A microarchitecture technique to reduce inductive noise in supply voltage
  3. Exploiting resonant behavior to reduce inductive noise
  4. Control Techniques to Eliminate Voltage Emergencies in High Performance Processors
  5. An Architectural Solution for the Inductive Noise Problem due to Clock-Gaating
  6. Mitigating Inductive Noise in SMT Processors


Power Modelling Related Papers
  1. Efficient Large-Scale Power Grid Analysis Based on Preconditioned Krylov-Subspace Iterative Methods


CMP Related Papers