CSCI E-138. Internet Technologies

Lectures (Fall 2005): Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30-4:00 pm
Location: Maxwell Dworkin G135

Name E-mail Office Office Hours Section Times
Professor Mema Roussopoulos csci-e-138-staff@eecs.harvard.edu Maxwell Dworkin 227 Fridays, 3:00-5:00 pm
Vladimir Chumakov csci-e-138-staff@eecs.harvard.edu Held online -- see bulletin board. Held online -- see bulletin board.
Geetika Tewari csci-e-138-staff@eecs.harvard.edu Held online -- see bulletin board. Held online -- see bulletin board.

This course is being offered as part of the Harvard Extension School's Distance Education Program. The lectures for this course are only available on-line via the Internet using streaming video. The recorded lectures that you will view are from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences course Harvard FAS Course CS 164. Two lectures per week will be made available throughout the term and while the lectures are recorded, the other aspects of the course are "live." This means that you are responsible for homework, exams and all other work. There will be an optional weekly section meeting or office hours (yet to be determined) for students that wish to attend.

Please see the distance education web site for information on the distance ed program, details on how to view lectures and for technical support.

The list of videos for the class can be found here.

This course is based on and will follow the format of Harvard FAS Course CS 164. To see the syllabus, schedule, assignments, and lectures, please click here.

Class Mailing Lists and Bulletin Board

Staff mailing list: csci-e-138-staff@eecs.harvard.edu . Students can use this list to send private questions/concerns to the staff.

Class Announcements mailing list: csci-e-138@eecs.harvard.edu . Students should subscribe to this list to receive announcements we will periodically send about assignments, exams, etc. To subscribe to this list click here and fill out the form provided.

This class will also have an online bulletin board (forum) that students can use to discuss concepts covered in class and questions arising from the assignments. The bulletin board can be found here. You need to register and login to be able to participate in the forum.