3nd Bertinoro Workshop on Random(ized) Graphs and Algorithms

20-24 June 2005
University of Bologna Residential Center
Bertinoro (Forlì), Italy

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What the Meeting is About

Random graphs and randomized algorithms continue to play a very important role in algorithmic research and discrete mathematics. This meeting will be an opportunity to focus on some recent developments and discuss open problems, old and new.

Talk Schedule


08.00-09.00 arrivals breakfast
09.15-10.00 Mitzenmacher Azar Upfal Servedio TBA or Day off departures
10.00-10.30 coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
10.30-11.15 Dietzfelbinger Fragouli Roughgarden Leonardi TBA
11.15-12.00 Schindelhauer Diggavi Panconesi Marchetti-Spaccamela TBA
12.30-13.30 lunch! lunch! lunch! lunch! lunch!
15.00-15.45 Bechetti Goel Pruhs Buriol TBA
15.45-16.00 coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
16.00-16.45 Shah Kenyon Young Schafer TBA

Important Dates

Arrival: Sunday 19 June 2005
Departure: Saturday 25 June, 2005


The meeting will be held in the small medieval hilltop town of Bertinoro. This town is in Emilia Romagna about 50km east of Bologna at an elevation of about 230m.  Here is a map putting it in context. It is easily reached by train and taxi from Bologna and is close to many splendid Italian locations such as Ravenna, a treasure trove of byzantine art and history, and the Republic of San Marino (all within 35km) as well as some less well-known locations like the thermal springs of Fratta Terme and the castle and monastic gardens of Monte Maggio.  Bertinoro can also be a base for visiting some of the better-known Italian locations such as Padua, Ferrara, Vicenza, Venice, Florence and Siena.

Bertinoro itself is picturesque, with many narrow streets and walkways winding around the central peak.  The meeting will be held in a redoubtable ex-Episcopal fortress that has been converted by the University of Bologna into a modern conference center with computing facilities and Internet access.  >From the fortress you can enjoy a beautiful the vista that stretches from the Tuscan Apennines to the Adriatic coast.

How to Reach Bertinoro

List of participants.

Possible Fellowships

A certain number of BICI-Unesco(ROSTE) grants are available. The eligibility is limited, but attendees from the former Soviet-bloc can take advantage of it. Please check the link above (same as this link)

Organization and Sponsorship

Scientific Organizing Committee Michal Karonski  Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza
Michael Mitzenmacher Harvard University
Eli Upfal Brown University
Local Organization
Andrea Bandini, Elena Della Godenza,, Centro Congressi di Bertinoro
Sponsored by BICI   Bertinoro International Center for Informatics


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