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Snow falling on Eliot
Winter at Eliot

Feel free to call me Michael or Mike. Looking for me? You will probably find me at work! I work full-time for a startup called Teza Technologies that is building high frequency trading software and strategies. I previously worked for a software company called Endeca. I programmed, managed, and even hacked at Endeca for over six years! Prior to that, I mostly studied and did research culminating my senior year in the construction of three research datablock storage systems under the direction of Prof. Seltzer as part of SYRAH, SYstems Research At Harvard.

Over the past ten years I have taken some great vacations. I have been to the Canary Islands, Paris, Italy, the West Coast, Chicago, Spain, Israel, Taiwan, and Japan. When I have time, which means it will never happen, I will post some pictures. If you have questions about any of these places, let me know. Although I have graduated, my work at Harvard still has managed to keep me busy. I divide my on-campus time between Eliot House tutoring, and various projects around the CS department.

Other than research, I try to keep an eye on what is going on in the intro course: Computer Science 50. From 2007-2009 I have been a Teaching Fellow for both CS50 and CS51. While the weekly sections are not available online, there are videos from some special topics seminars. In 2008, I gave a seminar on Accepting Payments with Google Checkout. In 2009, I had the opportunity to deliver a seminar focusing on building Interactive Data Applications with Endeca. Two students from the course built web applications that were based on Endeca's server technologies - one for DJs from Harvard's radio station and the other to browse the CUE guide's course ratings and reviews.

The summer before my senior year, I stayed in Cambridge working with Lex Stein in the Computer Science department at Harvard. We are designing a distributed file system called the Eliot File System that depends on an untrusted Peer-to-Peer substrate called The Charles. That Fall I continued my research, and proceeded to write my undergraduate thesis on the performance characteristics of distributed storage systems.

For my thesis, I gathered data using a simulation built with the SSFNet simulation framework. I have recently set up an open mailing list to support SSFNet users, please consider subscribing if you use or are interested in learning more about SSFNet.

For the past many summers, I have been part of a team that prepared the printed version of the Eliot House Face Book. Puritan Press printed the book for us, after we dropped off the proof at their infamous Purple Mailbox.

Speaking of faces, you can see what I looked like when I shaved. I now oscillate between the shorn look and maximal scruffiness, often to the chagrin of Shiry Ginosar.

Use Windows and need to connect to a secure UNIX server? Download an SSH client here.

I occasionally opine on life in Boston and Chicago on this blog.

Lastly, as I am at heart a Bostonian with a love of bars and pubs (go figure): you can read about the good, the bad, and the ugly at this blog about pubs in Boston.

I will slowly collect pictures and keep them on the official Michael Tucker picture page. Woohoo!

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