the most important things about me.

  • I met my wife at a dog park, which sounds like the fodder of a really bad romantic comedy (and is), but it's true.
  • The most important thing in my life, other than my wife, is my basset hound, Psyche.
  • The picture above is from Iceland.

That pretty much covers it.

a brief (like, really brief) history.

Okay, so there's other stuff too. Here it is in ultra-condensed form:

I was valedictorian of Chapel Hill High School, went to Harvard, worked at Microsoft, became a developer at Microsoft Research's Silicon Valley lab, got my master's at the University of Washington, and eventually came back to grad school here at Harvard University under the benevolent guidance of Margo Seltzer. Here are a few more details, but in general, along the way, I did some stuff, published some stuff, and learned about some stuff. There's also a little more about me as a person. More details can be found in the links at the left, or in my resume.