Radcliffe Exploratory Seminar on Dynamic Networks: Behavior, Optimization and Design

October 20-21, 2006, Radcliffe Institute, Cambridge MA

Unless otherwise stated, all activities will be in (Directions):
Sheerr Room, Fay House
Radcliffe Yard
Cambridge MA


This event will bring together a small group of researchers with diverse backgrounds to discuss and relate different theories and methodologies for understanding and optimizing via design the behavior of dynamic networks.

Part of the agenda is to understand different ways to model the behavior of actors in a network, and in turn the impact of different behavioral models on network dynamics and theories for how to modify dynamics. Indeed, the very notion of dynamic networks has different connotations in different fields ranging from transportation science, computer science, biology, economics, physics and sociology. The other cross-cutting themes are optimization and design: what are appropriate system-level design criteria and how can optimal networks be effected by a designer?

We anticipate organizing the seminar around overview talks about methodologies from different fields, but with plenty of time devoted to free-flowing discussion. We invite your suggestions on the content and form of this two-day workshop.


Friday, October 20.

8:45 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Continental breakfast
9:15-9:30am Opening Remarks
9:30-10.45am Mark Newman "Contact Networks and the Spread of Disease"
Michael Mitzenmacher "Future of the Power Law Research"
10:45-11:15am Coffee Break
11:15-12:00pm John Byers: "Resource Discovery and Allocation in Configurable Networks"
David Alderson "Inverse Optimization for Reverse Engineering Complex Networks and Their Dynamics"
12:00-1:30pm Lunch, Cronkhite Graduate Center Living Room, 6 Ash Street
1:30-3pm Panos Pardalos "Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Dynamic Networks"
Lada Adamic "Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks"
Patrick Wolfe "Generative Models for Networks and Applications to E-Commerce"
3-3:30pm Coffee Break
3:30-5pm Discussion
6.00pm Group Dinner - Sandrines, 6.30pm, 8 Holyoke Street Cambridge, MA Ph: 617-497-5300

Saturday, October 21

8:45 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Continental Breakfast
9:15-10:30am Anna Nagurney "Dynamic Networks: Recent Results and Applications"
David Levinson "The Economics of Network Growth"
10.30-11am Coffee Break
11-12:15pm William Sandholm "Population Games and Evolutionary Dynamics"
David Parkes "Stable Networks and the Role of Consent and Information"
Asu Ozdaglar "Competition Models in Congested Networks"
12:15-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-2:15pm Joan Feigenbaum "The Role of Incentives in Network Security and Information Privacy"
2:15-3pm Closing Discussion

Relevant Papers by Participants


Lada Adamic
Assistant Professor
School of Information
University of Michigan
David Alderson
Assistant Professor
Operations Research Department
Naval Postgraduate School
John Byers
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Boston University
Joan Feigenbaum
Henry Ford II Professor of Computer Science
Computer Science Department
Yale University
David Levinson
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Minnesota
and Imperial College, London
Michael Mitzenmacher
Professor of Computer Science
Division of Engineering and Computer Science
Harvard University
Anna Nagurney
John F. Smith Memorial Professor
Department of Finance and Operations Management
Isenberg School of Management
University of Massachusetts
Mark Newman
Associate Professor of Physics and Complex Systems
Department of Physics
University of Michigan
Asu Ozdaglar
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Panos Pardalos
Distinguished Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Florida, Gainesville
David Parkes
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Division of Engineering and Computer Science
Harvard University
William Sandholm
William H. Sandholm
Professor of Economics,
Department of Economics
University of Wisconsin
Patrick Wolfe
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Division of Engineering and Computer Science
Harvard University
Emmanuel Agyei
Ph.D. student, U.Mass
Zugang Liu
Ph.D. student, U.Mass
Patrick Qiang
Ph.D. student, U.Mass
Tina Wakolbinger
Ph.D. student, U.Mass
Trisha Woolley
Ph.D. student, U.Mass
Ben Lubin
Ph.D. student, Harvard Univ.
Jolie Martin
Ph.D. student, Harvard Univ.
Sven Seuken
Ph.D. student, Harvard Univ.


David Parkes
John L. Loeb Associate Professor of Natural Sciences and Associate Professor of Computer Science,
Division of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard University
Anna Nagurney
John F. Smith Memorial Professor, Department of Finance and Operations Management
Isenberg School of Management University of Massachusetts at Amherst


David Parkes, parkes{at}eecs.harvard.edu