CS 286r Syllabus, Spring 2004

Iterative Combinatorial Exchanges

Note: New time is TR 11.30am-1pm.

Lec. No. Date Topic Readings Auxiliary Materials Assignments
1 Thur 2/5 Introduction
2 Tue 2/10 Lecture: Game Theory Drew Fudenberg and Jean Tirole, Game Theory, MIT Press, 1991, pp.3--44, 209--216, 241--242. PDF PDF due 2/17
3 Thur 2/12 Lecture: Auction Theory Vijay Krishna Auction Theory, Academic Press (2002); selected pages. PDF
sec Fri 2/13 section: linear programming PDF
4 Tue 2/17 Lecture: Mechanism Design Mechanism Theory M.Jackson, Forthcoming in Encyclopedia of Life Support Stystems. 2000 PDF PDF PDF due 2/24
5 Thur 2/19 Discussion on current exchange design design document
sec Fri 2/20 section: integer programming PDF
6 Tue 2/24 Lecture: Combinatorial auctions and bidding languages Handouts from Wolsey, "Integer Programming", Wiley 1998 PDF
7 Thur 2/26 Exchange day: Proxy Agents PDF PDF due 3/4
8 Tue 3/2 Exchange Day: Agent Strategies Handout: Ausubel and Milgrom, "Asecnding Proxy Auctions." Forthcoming, Chapter 4 in Combinatorial Auctions, Cramton, Shoham and Steinberg (eds). PDF PDF
9 Thur 3/4 Exchange day: Winner Determination and Pricing PDF PDF
sec Fri 3/5 section: CPLEX PDF
10 Tue 3/9 Exchange day: Domain Modeling PDF
11 Thur 3/11 Invited Speaker -- Evan Kwerel, FCC PDF PDF
12 Tue 3/16 Systems Issues PDF PDF
13 Thur 3/18 Invited speaker -- George Donohue, GMU PDF PDF
14 Tue 3/23 Discussion: What we think we're going to do. PDF HW3 Solns
15 Thur 3/25 Discussion: Remaining Design Issues.
Tue 3/30 Spring break.
Thur 4/1 Spring break.
16 Tue 4/6 General Discussion on Design
17 Thur 4/8 Student Presentations: Initial DESIGN. PDF Deliverable: Interface SPECs
18 Tues 4/13 Exchange day: Proxy Agents PDF PDF PDF Deliverable: Refined MOCK-UP. CPLEX.
19 Thur 4/15 Discussion: Testing. Break-out Discussion Groups. PDF FAA Bidding Language
20 Tue 4/20 Exchange day: Winner Determination and Pricing. PDF PDF PDFMIP formulation Deliverable: Working Exchange.
21 Thur 4/22 Bidding Languages: Understanding IC Tree PDFBidding Language notes Deliverable: Working Mock-Up
22 Tue 4/27 Exchange Day: Agent Strategies. PDF Deliverable: Functional Exchange
23 Thur 4/29 Integration I. Discussion. Break-out. PDFLinear Pricing notes Deliverable: Correct and Functional Exchange.
24 Tue 5/4 Exchange day: Domain Modeling. Deliverable: Any New Interfaces
25 Thurs 5/6 Integration Day II. Discussion. Deliverable: A Better Exchange and Richer Agent Strategies.
26 Monday 5/10. 2.30-4pm, MD 221 Integration III. Discussion. Deliverable: Working Exchange
27 Wednesday 5/12. 1-3pm, MD G125 Final Presentations. Experimental Results. Deliverable: Experimental Results.
Wed 5/19 Final Papers Due from Each Group.