by B21

Translated by Moninder Jheeta, and editted by Radhika Nagpal

© Copyright 2001 MIT Bhangra

Another recent popular song, that is especially fun because it parodies the "bhakti" and "bhajan" style songs. Both the lyrics and the tune as similar to that of a song dedicated to Rab (God) - darshan itself is a word that means to worship or to get a glimpse of God. But here, the singer changes the song to be worshipping a girl instead of God...the music makes me want to take out my chimta, and become a Jogi!
Oh ni, tere hoye savere darshan, 
aj din vadiya lagoogaa
(tere hoye savere darshan, 
aj din vadiya lagoogaa)

Oh, sona mukharda vekh ke tera,
ni baago baag hoyaa dil mera (x3)
Tenu hath jordh ke aakhaan,
ni mere dil wich laale dera (x3)

Ni koi karmaan walaa ishq 
tere de rang wich rangoogaa

Kade niwi paake hasna, 
ni haske chori-chori takna (x3)
Teraa tumuk tumuk ke turna,
ni pab boch boch ke chalna (x3)

Teraa nakhraa pata nahin 
kiniyaan di jind sooli tangooga

Chad ke lare lambe laune,
je tu sikh le bol pagaune
Tere rahaan de wich ardiye,
phir Jagraj ne nain vichaune
Teraa mairam main rab de kolon
tenu hi mangoogaa

Girl, I've seen your presence (tere darshan) 
this morning (savere)
Today (aj) the day will surely 
be wonderful (vadiya)

Seeing your beautiful (sohna) face (mukhrda), 
My heart (dil) goes absolutely crazy (baago baag)
I fold my hands (hath jordh) and say (aakhaan), 
"Come and live (dera=home) in my heart (dil)"
Some lucky guy (karma=destiny) will be the one,
who will be colored (rangooga) in the 
color (rang) of your love (ishq)
(another reference to a bhakti idea) 

Sometime you lower (nivi) your eyes and giggle (hasna), 
and while giggling you steal (chori-chori) a glance (takna)
The way you walk (turna) leisurely and swayingly 
(tumak tumak ke), on the tips of your toes 
(pab boch = on the weight of the balls of your feet)
Your attitude (nakhra=attitude, untranslatable...), 
who knows (pata nahi) how many people (kiniyaan) it 
is going to kill (jind=life, sooli=hang)

If you stop (chad ke) making false promises (lare lambe), 
and if you've learned (sikh) to keep your word (bol)
Then whatever path (rahaan) you follow, girl (ardiye), 
Jagraj (the singer, self-reference) will watch for you
(will lay (vichaune, like a rug) his eyes (nain) down for you)
As the one who loves you (mairam), 
from God (Rab kolon), 
I will ask (mangooga) only for you (tenu)

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