Translated by Radhika Nagpal

Copyright 2001 MIT Bhangra

(Jugnu = firefly)

The quintessential punjabi woman, and the subject of many boli (couplets).
She is the object of envy, the butt of jokes, the traditional mixed with the modern, the dream woman of every gabroo (young man)
Jugni jadon shehr noo jave
Nak vich koke nu matkave
Surma pooncha vala pave
Chutney naal samose khave

Oh Veer, meriya ho jugni
Verr meriya o jugni gaoundi hai
Oh sab da dil paraondi hai

Jugni fashion di matvali
Thappe powder, laave laali
Tindon pukhi, jebon khali

Oh Veer, meriya ho jugni
Veer Jugni bardi shetaan hai,
Oh sab gabroo di jaan hai.

Jugni jandoon gayee Karnal
Ankhee ainak, hath rumaal
Tennis khede mundiyan naal

Meri Jugni school-e pardi hai
Te do-do guttan kardi hai
Rati Ja cineme vich vardi hai
Te Fiat car te chardi hai
Aake mummy-daddy naal lardi hai

Jugni jaa vardi chuuare
Baba hethon vaja maare
"Nee thale uttar ja mutiyare!"
"Uthe rahende munde kuware"

When jugni goes to the city (shehr)
On her nose (nak) her nose-ring (koke) moves
She wears her eyeliner (surma) with long tails (poonch)
And eats her samosa with chutney

CHORUS: Brother (veer), that's my jugni
Veer, when my jugni sings (gaoundi)
She captures everyones (sab) heart

Jugni is the heart of fashion
Slaps on some powder and red on her lips
But her stomach (tidon) is hungry and
her pocket (jebon) is empty

CHORUS: my jugni is very mischevious (shetaan)
She is the life (jaan) of every gabroo (man)

When jugni goes to Karnal
Glasses (ainak) on her eyes, a handkerchief in hand
Play tennis with the boys, (that's my jugni...)

Jugni goes to school
And has two (do-do) braids (guttan)
At night (rati) she goes to the cinema
And rides in a fiat car
And after all that, still fights with her mom and dad

Jugni when up to the rooftop
From downstair (hethon) her Baba calls her
"Oh woman (mutiyare) come down"
"Bachelor boys live up there"

The best part about Jugni is that you can create your own (courtesy of Gaurav)

Jugnee ja varee school,
Pichae pae gaye Desi Fools,
Oh kandee (says) "only Gaurav is cool,
Oh karda mere heart nu rule"
Veer mereha oh jugneee..

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