Contributions to the Wedding


Giving via Mail

For Indian residents, to give via mail, please write a cheque or a demand draft (DD) to “The Akshaya Patra Foundation” which can be mailed to the following address:

Arun Kumar,
The Akshaya Patra Foundation
HK Hill, Chord Road
Bangalore 560010.

Note, to receive tax exemption on your contribution please include additional details including your name, address, contact telephone number, and your PAN account number.

For US residents, please download this form to mail donations. The form and the payment can be made out to:

The Akshaya Patra Foundation USA
92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 2500
Stoneham, MA 02180

Here are a few options that give you an idea about the kind of impact your contributions will have.

525 Rupees or $11.50,  feeds 1 child for an entire year

1050 Rupees or $23.00,  feeds 2 children for an entire year

5250 Rupees or $115.50,  feeds 10 children for an entire year

26250 Rupees or $575.00,  feeds 50 children for an entire year

You may of course give any amount other than the ones specified above. To aid this cause, our parents have pledged to match the total amount raised in the ratio of 1:2.

There are two options to give: either via mailing a cheque or via online donations (using credit/debit cards). Please email us at for any questions you or if we can help facilitate this process.

Please include your name(s) when making contributions. We would like to thank you for your generosity.

Giving Online

For Indian residents, you can contribute online using your credit card via the following form. Once you hit submit, you will be redirected to ICICI’s Payseal Gateway system, where you will submit your credit information in a secure setup.

Note: your PAN number is optional. It is required only if you wish to receive tax exemption.

For US residents, please visit this URL to give to Akshaya Patra in honour of our wedding.

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