Several research projects generated videos that describe or exemplify the results of the projects of me or of my colleagues or students. Some are also linked from the pertinent papers available in my bibliography.

  • A video describing the GLIDE system for semi-automated layout of network diagrams: video.
  • A video of a single computer-generated image lit under a variety of conditions as generated by our design gallery system for lighting design: video
  • The cities of the Tour de France, labeled as point features using the algorithm that we developed. Implementation by Joel Bartlett of DEC SRC, as described here: video
  • A demonstration of the DeckView document browser: video
  • A demonstration of a stochastic algorithm for diagram layout related to our work on automatic network diagram layout: video
  • A demonstration of motion synthesis using mass-spring models, and a video exemplifying their use: video video
  • A demonstration of Opsis, a system for visualizing and navigating document sets, from David Chiang's undergraduate senior thesis: video
  • A description of our techniques for semi-automated region delineation: video
  • A presentation of a system for motion synthesis based on work of Marks and Ngo: video
  • A presentation of the Angraf system, built as a senior thesis project by Daniel Dias: video