The Systems Research at Harvard (SYRAH) Group explores a wide range of projects in operating systems, networking, distributed systems, programming languages, and mobile sensor networks. Some of our ongoing projects include the Provenance Aware Storage System (PASS), high-performance storage, securing software execution, and building swarms of insect-scale flapping wing robotic bees.

Check out some of our research projects, the group members, and related courses that we offer.

SYRAH is part of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.



Prof. Eddie Kohler
Prof. Margo Seltzer
Prof. James Mickens
Prof. Stratos Idreos

Affiliated Faculty

Prof. David Brooks
Prof. Stephen Chong
Prof. H.T. Kung

Graduate Students

David Holland
Amos Waterland
Daniel Margo
Rob Bowden
Yihe Huang
Students in DASLAB

Research Staff

Glenn Holloway

Alumni »

Elaine Angelino
Uri Braun
Peter Macko
Nick Murphy
Robin Smogor
Jason Waterman
Salimah Addetia
Matt Amis
Ellie Baker
Jeff Bezanson
Kevin Bombino
Aaron Brown
Prashanth Bungale
Geoffrey Werner Challen
Bor-rong Chen
Bryan Choi
Atanu Roy Chowdhury
Daniel Ellard
Yasuhiro Endo
Sasha Fedorova
Bob Fischer
Narendra Ghosh
Geoffrey Goodell
Robert Haas
Jeff Harris
Jonathan Hyman
William Josephson
David Krinsky
Jonathan Ledlie
Ada Lim
Konrad Lorincz
Diana Maclean
Kostas Magoutis
Geoffrey Mainland
Pia Malkani
Stephen Manley
Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy
Rohan Murty
Chaki Ng
Samir Paul
Peter Pietzuch
Ian Rose
Prof. Mema Roussopoulos
Peter Salas
Hany Saleeb
Jeff Shneidman
Victor Shnayder
Chris Simmons
Christopher Small
Keith A. Smith
Lex Stein
Daniel Steinbrook
Dave Sullivan
Diane Tang
Matt Tierney
Mike Tucker
Matt Welsh
Alex Wissner-Gross
Catherine Xiaolan Zhang
Chelsea Zhang

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