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Systems Research at Harvard

Group Members

Prof. Radhika Nagpal
Prof. Margo Seltzer
Prof. Matt Welsh

Graduate Students
Uri Braun
Prashanth Bungale
Bor-rong Chen
Konrad Lorincz
Geoffrey Mainland
Daniel Margo
Kiran-Kumar Muniswamy-Reddy
Peter Macko
Rohan Murty
Chaki Ng
Ian Rose
Atanu Roy Chowdhury
Jeff Shneidman
Robin Smogor
Jason Waterman
Geoffrey Werner-Allen

Kevin Bombino
Jonathan Hyman
Diana Maclean
Samir Paul
Peter Salas
Chris Simmons
Daniel Steinbrook
Matt Tierney
Chelsea Zhang

Research Staff
David Holland
Glenn Holloway


Salimah Addetia
Matt Amis
Ellie Baker
Jeff Bezanson
Aaron Brown
Bryan Choi
Daniel Ellard
Yasuhiro Endo
Sasha Fedorova
Bob Fischer
Narendra Ghosh
Geoffrey Goodell
Robert Haas
Jeff Harris
William Josephson
David Krinsky
Jonathan Ledlie
Ada Lim
Kostas Magoutis
Pia Malkani
Stephen Manley
Peter Pietzuch
Prof. Mema Roussopoulos
Hany Saleeb
Victor Shnayder
Christopher Small
Keith A. Smith
Lex Stein
Dave Sullivan
Diane Tang
Mike Tucker
Catherine Xiaolan Zhang

PASS: Provenance-Aware Storage Systems
Harvard Sensor Networks Lab
Mechanism Infrastructures - applying economics to distributed systems
OS/161 - instructional operating system used by CS161


CS61 - Systems Programming and Machine Organization
CS161 - Operating Systems
CS165 - Information Management
CS261 - Research Topics in Operating Systems
CS263 - Wireless Communications and Sensor Networks
CS265 - Database Systems
CS266 - Biologically-inspired Distributed and Multi-agent Systems

Past Projects

Hourglass - scalable infrastructure for sensor network applications
Network Coordinates - using abstract coordinate spaces to organize networks
Ant - platform for teaching intro CS
Direct-Access File System - remote-DMA-based network attached storage
Self-Organizing Storage - file systems that tune and adapt themselves
Filesystem Performance - specific analysis/benchmarking of file systems
Blossom - A decentralized approach to overcoming systemic Internet fragmentation
The Charles - peer to peer storage system
No-Futz Computing - making computer systems require less tinkering
Dynamic Distributed Systems - dynamic peer-to-peer system organization
Application-Specific Benchmarking - measuring system performance in the context of specific applications
Clilets - Web applications with client-side storage
System Performance - benchmarking whole systems
VINO Operating System - extensible Unix-like operating system
WWW Push-Caching - eager replication of web documents
WWW Benchmarking - benchmarking web servers