Ongoing Projects

CHILI-SOUP:Cornell Harvard Illinois Initiative - Software of Unknown Provenance
CRASH-SAFE: Clean slate design of a secure computing system
GoNative: Enabling safe execution of native code in type-safe programming languages
PASS: Provenance-Aware Storage Systems
PQL: Path Query Language
RoboBees: Building a swarm of insect scale flapping wing robotic bees
OS/161- instructional operating system used by CS161

Past Projects

Harvard Sensor Networks Lab
Mechanism Infrastructures - applying economics to distributed systems
Hourglass - scalable infrastructure for sensor network applications
Network Coordinates - using abstract coordinate spaces to organize networks
Ant - platform for teaching intro CS
Direct-Access File System - remote-DMA-based network attached storage
Self-Organizing Storage - file systems that tune and adapt themselves
Filesystem Performance - specific analysis/benchmarking of file systems
Blossom - A decentralized approach to overcoming systemic Internet fragmentation
The Charles - peer to peer storage system
No-Futz Computing - making computer systems require less tinkering
Dynamic Distributed Systems - dynamic peer-to-peer system organization
Application-Specific Benchmarking - measuring system performance in the context of specific applications
Clilets - Web applications with client-side storage
System Performance - benchmarking whole systems
VINO Operating System - extensible Unix-like operating system
WWW Push-Caching - eager replication of web documents
WWW Benchmarking - benchmarking web server