Syrah Blades

If you want to reserve a blade, please edit the list appropriately. All blades are currently running Ubuntu Server 8.10. If you have any questions, email Geoffrey Mainland.

Slot/Name Last update Owner Note
1/motelab 9/21/07 MDW Motelab
2/sb01 10/31/08 Margo
3/sb02 9/11/09 Sanjay Gandhi/CS 261
4/sb03 9/27/09 Rohan
5/sb04 9/27/09 Rohan
10/31/08 Hard drive failure
7/sb06 10/31/08 Hard drive failure
8/sb07 9/2/09 Failed
9/sb11 10/31/08 Hard drive failure
10/serifos 9/2/09 Failed
11/sb08 9/27/09 Rohan
12/sb09 9/27/09 Rohan
13/sb10 9/2/09 Failed
14/rodos 9/2/09 Failed