I have joined God help us. So far my reviews have been confined to bitches (1, 2) and stars, but hey, maybe I’ll develop some range someday.

Velouria Espresso, Jamaica Plain; Petit Robert Bistro, South End; The Upper Crust, Coolidge Corner

So I put this aside for a few days, which became a few weeks, but I want to finish it assuming I have some recollection of the events left. We’ll see…

Yesterday Suz and I had a lovely, lazy day filled with wandering around Boston poking around neighborhoods we don’t usually visit and testing out some recommended spots. After a lovely morning spent sampling single-cup-brewed coffee at Velouria Espresso in Jamaica Plain, we zoomed down to the South End for lunch at Petit Robert Bistro. After taking in “There Will Be Blood” at the Coolidge Corner Theater, we grabbed a late dinner at Upper Crust right next door. Not trying to make this overly lengthy, so I’ll break it up and offer brief thoughts on each:

  • Velouria Espresso: probably an easier reach from the Jackson Square Orange Line stop rather than the Green St. one that I usually take to reach Coolidge Corner, Suz and I were sort of surprised to find it there in the first place and quiet at the mid-morning hour when we finally arrived. We had looked the place up after reading this article in the New York Times describing a new pair of high-end single-cup coffeemakers. Since the siphon bar featured in the article is only available in the states in San Francisco, we managed to locate the second most-expensive coffee maker: the Clover, an $11,000 single-cup coffeemaker designed by a set of Stanford graduate students.
    We trekked out to Velouria and found it pretty sleepy on a Saturday morning. The menu features a tasting of all five Clover-brewed coffees that they were offering, which we tried and greatly enjoyed. The owner was nice and attentive with the timing of each cup as we sat and mulled over the paper. I must say thought that while we were there we didn’t see a single other person order anything from this magical machine until about five minutes before we left. The owner also got a bit defensive when we ooed and ahhed over the machine and its price tag and insisting on quoting the prices of everything else in sight (although I’ll admit I was surprised about by how much an industrial washing machine costs). All in all this was a lot of fun and a place worth visiting.
    (In the weeks since this visit our local Starbucks has been experimenting with a Clover in their store. Albeit, I’m wary about visiting Starbucks in general, but if the Clover moves in to stay it may provide a reason to visit periodically)
  • Petit Robert Bistro: a recommendation from my friend Alex, a nice little French place in the South End. Excellent food, reasonably priced, and very, very French. French menus, French stuff on the walls, about the only thing thankfully not traditionally French (or French stereotyped) was the service. We definitely enjoyed.
  • Upper Crust: admittedly I’m not sure how much of an appetite we had after watching “There Could Be Blood”, but it wasn’t completely wasted on the Upper Crust. Decent pizza, nothing completely earth-shattering, but it filled us up. Worth a trip.