Wordpress Hacking

Spent a nice afternoon hacking on WordPress. All was blissful until I realized that the Category Access plugin by David Coppit I had installed, while nice, had a subtle bug that was causing it to display empty posts for things that are hidden behind login access at this site (mainly some private content and notekeeping functionalities for myself). I had previously hacked around this but my hack was causing WordPress to act up and not display the right number of posts on the front page.

Anyway, at this point I know more about WordPress than I’d like to, and found a fairly simple workaround to the bug that didn’t require any WordPress hacking (just the plugin). Phew. Off to the gym now… hours of squinting at a computer screen always makes a run feel oh so good.


So I’ve been slowly moving content over from my old site. In general the process of reproducing static pages has been fairly straightforward, however the “Page” editing entry process sometimes does strange things to tags that it can’t understand (<div>’s, <a>’s that span multiple lines) which necessitates some fairly annoying manual post-processing.

In any case, I’m fairly happy with what’s happening here. At some point I’ll move this to the front of my site. For the time being it’s time to get out and play some IM football! Go Eliot House!

WordPress Setup

Setup was fairly easy. Now let’s see if I can setup the layout to look OK, and get some static content up.